Recently we invited you to our Breakfast Masterclass:

Are you compliant with all aspects of Global Mobility?

Boxx, Floreijn and Pallas are pleased to provide you with additional information concerning the content of our #GlobalMobilityTalks. During these interactive sessions we will be discussing trending topics related to International Employment. 

We will use two practice cases to inform employers about all aspects of tax, immigration, law employment, social security and international insurance. With these two practice cases involving international employees, we will highlight the risks for both the employer and employee and discuss the most pragmatic solutions.

After the session you will be well informed and updated on the above mentioned trending topics.

Our #GlobalMobilityTalks will take place during three airport sessions. Please register for one of our sessions listed below:

  • Thursday the 8th of November. Location: Schiphol Airport (fully booked: choose one of the other locations) - session in English
  • Tuesday the 13th of November. Location: Rotterdam / The Hague Airport - session in Dutch
  • Thursday the 15th of November. Location: Eindhoven Airport - session in Dutch

Please note that there is a limited availability of 40 participants per session.


Breakfast             7.30am
Start (moderator)    8.00am
First speaker: Marian van de Vinne,  Boxx 8.10am
Quick Coffee-break 8.50am
Second speaker: Julien Blok, Pallas 8.55am
Break 9.35am
Third speaker: Stefan Janssen, Floreijn 9.50am
Summary (moderator) 10.30am
Questions & Connect 10.45am
End 11.00am

Moderator: Alain Camonier

#GlobalMobilityTalks is designed for sharing experiences, knowledge and inspiration from others to get new insights on how to move forward and reach important policy goals.

Register NOW.