Pension specializations

IFRS pension
We are a specialist in the field of group pension schemes for larger companies in the Netherlands. We have a lot of experience in obtaining a DC qualification for a DB average pay scheme. Whether this is possible depends on a number of factors such as the indexation policy within the company. In an intake interview we discuss the specific characteristics of the pension scheme. After this, we can immediately indicate whether it is feasible for the company to obtain a DC qualification.

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Pension Due Diligence
Pension schemes are and will remain a complex set of additional rules, obligations and executors. For entrepreneurs or investors, but also for financial advisors and lawyers involved in the merger or acquisition. We ourselves often find that support by pension specialists is a valuable addition to the usual due diligence. Something that ultimately benefits all parties. In a merger or take-over there can be quite a few snakes in the grass. Also when it comes to retirement. It is therefore important to carry out a thorough due diligence pension survey.

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Sectoral Pension Fund
Does your organization fall under the scope of a particular bpf (industry-wide pension fund)? This is often unclear to the employer. It is described in the commitment decision. For a layman these are unfortunately almost illegible documents. Floreijn helps employers to determine whether they are obliged to join a bpf. And what the consequences are of applying a specific collective labor agreement. We provide insight into the costs of a possible transition to a pension fund or collective labor agreement. And guide employers in the transition to an industry-wide pension fund or collective labor agreement.

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Calculation tool
We deliver a tailor-made calculation tool. With this you calculate yourself the expected pension premiums and the corresponding personal contribution of the employees. Regardless of whether you have a final wage, average wage or available premium scheme for your employees.
The Calculation Tool is a supplement to the services of your current pension adviser or intermediary.

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Our services & solutions

Pension Auditing

We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

Pension Consultancy

We make sure you have grip on your pension schemes by presenting it in an understandable way

Pension Management

You can outsource your pension management to us. Or you can use our service as a ‘double check principle’

Pension Communication

You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration