Pension Communication

Employees have gained more responsibility through the ‘Dutch Law Pension Communication’ regarding their employees. Especially regarding the stimulation of pension awareness. For example: how much pension can I expect? Is this enough? What are the risks? And which actions can I take? The focus is informing, directed towards action.

Meeting up to demands
Floreijn offers employers a complete solution, with which you will meet up to all the demands of the Dutch Law Pension Communication. With Financial Communication, your pension files are clear, correct, consistent and balanced (regarding advantages and disadvantages). We link up with needs, take action and offer insights into the possibilities of choice and the corresponding consequences for pension with certain life events.

Complete solution

Financial communication consists of the following complete solution (that also comes in parts):

  • Establishing a pension communication plan for all of your employees;
  • Sending out newsletters about the pension plans (for new employees and with relevant information);
  • One-to-one conversations for Pension Insight, via webcam and/or at the office or at the employee’s home;
  • Pension trainings for HR, to better inform your employees yourself;
  • Inviting for and giving presentations and workshops at your office;
  • Custom projects, for example with resignation, re-integration and guidance of older employees (55+).

We would be glad to make an appointment with you about which pension communication needs you have. Based on that, we together make choices about the implementation of the above points. And we add your own ideas and wishes where possible.

Contact us for more information or an introductory consultation.

Our services & solutions

Pension Auditing

We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

Pension Consultancy

We make sure you have grip on your pension schemes by presenting it in an understandable way

Pension Management

You can outsource your pension management to us. Or you can use our service as a ‘double check principle’

Pension Communication

You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration