The Calculation Tool of Floreijn helps you with the budgeting of the employer’s charges. Predicting the pension costs. And calculating onto the level of employees. Easily checking upon the pension administration of your insurance company. This is all possible with the Calculation Tool. Refreshingly simple and carefree.

What do we offer?
Floreijn delivers a custom made calculation tool. With this, you can calculate the expected Dutch pension premiums and corresponding employee contribution yourself. Despite the fact that you have a final or average pay plan, or a defined contribution solution.

The Calculation Tool is an addition to the services of your current pension advisors or mediator. Your advantages are:

  • You can budget your employer’s charges accurately;
  • The Calculation Tool is an additional solution to your current pension advisor or mediator;
  • The Calculation Tool can handle even the most complex pension plans. Also combinations of those;
  • The Calculation Tool is a single, small investment. You save a lot of money because prognoses become extraordinarily simple. Furthermore, you can directly conduct check-ups and make mistakes, made by the insurance companies, directly visible.

The Calculation Tool is custom made by us. We do this based on the current pension agreements that have been made in the entire personnel files of our client. It is possible to get a yearly update of the Calculation Tool on a subscription base. We always update new franchises, maximum amounts and other simple changes.

Bigger changes such as changing a pension plan and/or new (insurance) tariffs will have to be custom changed. For these type of changes we charge a reduced tariff.

For whom?
Every company in the Netherlands of 75 employees and over with a Dutch pension plan with an insurance company can make use of the Calculation Tool.

Contact us for more information or an appointment.

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