Pension Management

Good pension management is important. The financial consequences of mistakes can be enormous. This can happen, for example, if the employee contribution is not administered right. This causes you to pay too much premium as an employer. Even a small error in the birth date can result in a premium that is too high or too low. An employee can thus receive too little pension. Or there is a tax fine. If an employee dies and the relatives stay behind, it can happen that some data are still incorrect. The risk you may then have as an employer can be extremely high. It can costs you tons of money. Therefore, pension management is of extreme importance. By outsourcing your Dutch pension management to Floreijn, you can prevent large financial consequences.

What do we offer?
Floreijn Pension Management offers the possibility to process mutations commissioned by our clients. Another possibility is that Floreijn checks the mutations that were entered by HR.

What do we do with your employee pension files:

  • Checking the financial year-end work (volume discount, surplus interest, current account interest
  • Checking juridical documents (pension plans, start letter, service abandonment letter, UPO)
  • Checking the billing from the insurance company (bills, current accounts)
  • Checking & managing surcharge policies
  • Processing mutations on pensions, like signing on and off, changing function, part time, putting forward/delaying pension, occupational disability, resignation and changing personal information.
  • Informing about relevant developments in laws and regulations
  • Consulting with insurance companies to make sure they do their tasks correctly
  • Providing an expert helpdesk around the entire pension files.

We offer this as a service to outsource your Dutch pension management, or as the ‘‘double check’ principle, to check upon the internal pension management of clients. We offer a mutation processing to insurance companies and a check on the fixed pensions and the premium. This can be done at our client’s office in the Netherlands, so that we can access the personnel files ourselves to do the checking. Another possibility is that we receive all mutations in batches every month, and process them at the Floreijn office.

For whom?
It is appealing to companies in the Netherlands of over 75 employees. For companies that have never processed these mutations. For companies that do not conduct an internal or external check on the processed mutation. But also for companies with HR employees that think pensions are very hard to understand, we can help in the right type of managing of pensions.

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