Pension consultancy

Pensions are an important term of employment for personnel. They count on a good pension. For later. But also, they expect that the financial risks of death of occupational disability are well-covered. Fiscal laws, social security and the economic climate however, have changed rapidly over the last few years. Important factors like the interest rate and life expectancy are crucial to determine the height of pensions and pension costs. These factors have caused a lot of pressure on Dutch pension plans. The discussion on the affordability of pensions is an everyday topic in the news.

What do we offer?
A good pension plan is part of the strategic goals of your company. On the one hand, we see pension plans as a financial obligation that can have a significant impact on the profit, cash flow, and balance sheet of your business. On the other hand, it is an important term of employment for your personnel. We offer explicit solutions in the field of Dutch pensions. On our solution page you can find an overview on what we offer. We are glad to help you with this. Also as an extra service next to your current advisor.

Floreijn Pension Consultancy stands for:

  • To-the-point services, that are quick and understandable
  • A short time before action, and do what has been agreed upon
  • Explaining complex matter understandably
  • Not making things harder than they are
  • Explaining pensions in easy talk, and making proper comparisons
  • Being pro-active in keeping up with new developments
  • Striving for results, having few different contact persons
  • No-nonsense and approachable way of working, and therefore easy and pleasant

Our pension advice is characterized by making complex matters easy. We don’t make pensions harder than they already are. We make sure you have grip on your Dutch pension plans by presenting it in an understandable way. We are pro-active in keeping up with new developments, and we strive for results. Our expertise, in combination with speed, availability and flexibility make us stand out from others. In feedback, monitoring, as well as in quickly responding to matters. We are involved in our relations, no-nonsense and approachable, which makes for an easy and pleasant environment of cooperation.

For whom?
We offer pension advice to companies in the Netherlands that have over 50 employees. Most of our clients have guarded their pensions with insurance companies. Currently, we are an advisor to more than 130 companies of which over 90% consists of national as well as international businesses, varying from 5 to 3,000 employees.

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Our services & solutions

Pension Auditing

We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

Pension Consultancy

We make sure you have grip on your pension schemes by presenting it in an understandable way

Pension Management

You can outsource your pension management to us. Or you can use our service as a ‘double check principle’

Pension Communication

You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration