Pension Communication

Since July 1, 2015, the Dutch Law Pension Communication is operational. Focus of this law is to inform. And how and when to act. For a better understanding.

Purpose of the Dutch Law Pension Communication
The purpose of this law is that your employee (retired member) know how much pension they can expect. And can determine whether this is sufficient. That he is aware of the risks and the costs of his pension. And know what actions he can take by himself.

Requirements of the Dutch Law Pension Communication
The Dutch Law Pension Communication have requirements about all information given by a pension provider Think of timeliness, clarity, accuracy (consistency), balance (pros and cons), connection to needs / action and choices and understand the consequences for pension with life events.

Consequences for employer
Employers get more responsibility in pension communication with their employees, particularly in terms of boosting pension awareness. If your employee expressly agrees, you have the opportunity to offer a and providing information about pension through electronic means. You are required to ensure that your employee (by the pension provider) receives a letter containing basic information about the pension plan. Furthermore, your employee should also be made to the pension provider's website. The employer is responsible for the timely supply of the basic data (via the pension provider). It is therefore important that you discuss it with your pension provider and make good arrangements.

Totally relieves our Pension Communication Tools
To comply with your duty of care and regulatory requirements, Floreijn helps businesses with a complete package of Pension Communication Tools.

Take a subscription and you can use our tools in the area of ​​Pension communication at an attractive rate. We ensure you that we are and keep fully aware of your pension scheme and make corresponding presentations. In addition, you can use following communication tools:

  • Check / adjust pension text job advertisements, employment and staff guide;
  • Educate recruiters (presentation);
  • Explanation pension scheme (new) employees, individually or in a group;
  • Explanation (new) scheme individually or in a group;
  • Talks about value transfer;
  • One-time purchase of all life letters (marriage / cohabitation, children, divorce, working part-time, unpaid parental leave, retirement conscious 45 and 55 years);
  • Content delivery on the pension scheme for the benefit of an intranet or internal magazine;
  • Letters, or one-on-one interviews (by telephone or webcam) for example: part-time pension, delay, advance, high - low, exchange, indication pension height, WIA exedent pension / waiver of premium in case of disability, survivor interviews eg.

Besides the above Communication tools offer in the area of ​​communication we also offer solutions for staff mobility and automated solution for inviting employees to staff meetings.

Staff mobility
Retire earlier. Initiating a conversation about it does not come from an insurer. Because then they miss premium. And usually it does not come from an employer or employee. They often have no knowledge. Floreijn ensures a comprehensible manner for a clear picture. For the employer: what is it? And for the employee: what is the added value of some pension or early retirement?

Floreijn is franchisee of the Comminz organization. As an employer this gives your employee the opportunity for individual Retirement Insight. Or a total Financial Insights call. Comminz is fully independent and has no affiliation with or interests in other parties. That way, your employees receive independent advice and insight about their pension situation.

Automated invitation process for staff communication
In collaboration with Mailstreet, Floreijn helps you with an automated invitation process of your employees to staff meetings (as a teaser postcard, 1st letter, memory etc). In addition, our solution facilitates an online agenda and a registration tool for participation.

Please contact us for more information about our solutions in the field of pension communications.

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