Pension Auditing

A lot of things are being audited, but pensions rarely. But within Dutch pension agreements, mistakes are being made. These mistakes cost money. The problem is that you don’t notice or see it. There is a rising liability of the management. Employees are more willing to claim. Insurance companies make a lot of mistakes behind the scenes.
Especially now, it is of great concern that no money is wasted around pension plans. That is why it is so important that management gets more grip on the internal execution of these plans. This calls for an in-depth and detailed investigation. The Pension Audit is a one-time task. It’s complementary to the services of your current pension advisor or intermediary.

What do we offer?
A full recalculation and audit of the Dutch pension agreements. Insurance companies often calculate more costs than what you should be paying. Pension Auditing clears up these differences and claims them back.

We control:

  • Use of the right rates by the insurance company
  • Use of the right personnel files
  • Use of the right salaries and salary conditions by the insurance company
  • Pensions calculated by the insurance companies
  • (Single) Premiums calculated by the insurance companies
  • Double or accidental insurances
  • Method and calculated of the yearly interest profit sharing
  • Application of the discounts that you have the right to
  • Potential deposit accounts
  • Right application of premium waivers with occupational disability
  • Current account entries

Pension Auditing checks if insurance companies live up to the agreements made. Around 90% of the time, this is not the case. Not because they have been inaccurate or mischievous, but because pensions are so complex. Because there are so many transition and exception arrangements, no one really knows if they are being conducted well in detail. This way, insurance companies often charge more costs than what was agreed upon.
Pension Auditing often yields money. We conduct this audit based on a Performance Related Fee. This means that you only pay if you actually get money back from your insurance company. The revenue is split up between you and Floreijn.

For whom?
Companies in the Netherlands from 50 employees on, who have insured their Dutch pensions at an insurance company, with an average pay plan or a final pay plan.

Download the Pension Auditing brochure here
In our Dutch brochure, you will find more information and the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the confirmation of the commission and the authorization form. If you send the signed confirmation and authorization form to info@floreijn.nl, we will contact you to confirm that we will be conducting the Pension Audit. After this, we will start working for you! I you want an english version, please get in contact with us.

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