Health Care- & Disability Plans

To lower costs, less and less employees arrange supplementary health insurances. Or higher policy excesses are being implemented. Moreover, more employees arrange a (occasional collective) health insurance themselves. This can lead to the chosen cover not offering a settlement if this employee drops out and later has to reintegrate. And because of the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act, these costs end up with the employer more often.

Healthy employer in control
Floreijn has an integral vision on the developing and processing of conditions of employment. A vision in the field of health care and the sustainable employability of personnel. With which we also strengthen the health of your company. Floreijn has access to up-to-date expertise and helps businesses by testing current Dutch laws and arrangements to changes constantly.
A collective health care contract in the Netherlands is more than just a good discount for employees. Floreijn has a broad knowledge of legislations and product in the field of Health Care & Disability Plans. We search for the relation between various different health care instruments. To improve the sustainable employability. We realise purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing/ reintegration and convenience. For the employer, as well as for the employee, we get the absolute maximum from these arrangements. We are your guide to let insurance companies co-finance. Herein, it is important that employers stay in control of everything.

What do we offer?
We are your independent guide in the circuit of your company, your employees, your insurance companies and other institutions such as the Works Council, the Health & Safety Service, the Dutch UWV, and the Tax Authorities.
Most companies offer a collective health care contract with only one reason: discount for employees. An employer can get much more from a collective health care contract. For example with illness prevention and with absence (the employer can avert the costs of absence on to the insurance company). If more people join the collective health care contract, the employer will come out stronger. We help employers to profit from a collective health care contract, and direct the connection between prevention, health check-ups, working ability, causes of absence in relation to coverage (health care management).

This all leads to:

  • More grip on the costs of your employees in the areas of absence and dropping out;
  • Sustainable employability of personnel;
  • Purchasing benefits for the employer and employee;
  • Effective processing and reintegration in case of a drop out;
  • Minimizing the damage and financial contribution in behalf of prevention and reintegration;
  • Constantly being aware of relevant development in the field of social legislations;
  • Having grip and controllability on health care & disability policies, despite the constant changes in the market and by the government.

We search for the connection between the various aspects in this field. And we realise savings for you on your absence and occupational disability costs.

Our services

  • Sharing knowledge and applying social legislations, so that there are no unnecessary risks and there is a constant awareness of changing laws and regulations;
  • Integrating the health care contract in the absence policies;
  • Supporting with prevention and reintegration;
  • Connecting health care & occupational disability;
  • Researching co-financing;
  • Supporting with mutations and process of claiming damage
  • Monitoring & financial advising with prolonged illness.

For whom?
Companies that want to have a smart use of collective health insurances and/or occupational disability insurances. For the settlement that we receive from insurance companies, we finance all of the aforementioned services for bigger companies. We also take care of you international health care.

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Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration