Floreijn start strategische samenwerking met toonaangevend financieel consultant uit Scandinavië.

The renowned Swedish financial service provider Söderberg & Partners has taken a minority stake in the Floreijn Group. This strategic partnership gives Floreijn the unique possibility to strengthen and develop its position in the Dutch pension, occupational disability and health insurance market.

Söderberg & Partners is the biggest independent consultant and provider of insurance, investments and associated financial products in Scandinavia. Because of innovative technologies, they work more efficient, transparent, low-cost and client-centered. For Söderberg & Partners, the strategic partnership is a new step to introduce their Fintech solutions outside of the Nordics.

Individual employees
With the collaboration, Floreijn gains more clout to further invest in financial consultancy platforms and to introduce the cutting-edge Scandinavian technology to the Dutch market. By doing this, Floreijn will bring fresh new concepts to the consultancy market, which stand out in their simplicity and transparency. This service is focused on the employer, as well as on the  underlying individual employees.

About Floreijn
Floreijn provides customized solutions in the field of insurable pension, health care and occupational disability regulations of corporate businesses. Floreijn supports employers with an integrated approach in these areas, with the main goal being to increase overall efficiency. Floreijn sees the increasing individualization of the field as an opportunity to develop client-centered communication and consultancy tools, in a refreshingly simple way. Focused on cleverness, using cost-effective solutions and monitoring the possible risks of our clients.

Our services & solutions

Pension Auditing

We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

Pension Consultancy

We make sure you have grip on your pension schemes by presenting it in an understandable way

Pension Management

You can outsource your pension management to us. Or you can use our service as a ‘double check principle’

Pension Communication

You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration