Söderberg & Partners

Strategic cooperation
Since early 2017 Söderberg & Partners (S&P) has an interest in Floreijn. S&P is a leading independent consultant and provider of insurance, investments and related financial products in Scandinavia. More than 1,400 people work there. This strategic cooperation gives us a unique opportunity to further strengthen and develop our position in the Dutch market.

Vision and aim
The vision of S&P is to be proactive in the field of financial management today, to have a richer and safer life tomorrow. Hereby having the most satisfied customers and having the most satisfied and passionate employees in her field, are the most important goals.

S&P has as priorities:

  • Fee squeezer: By challenging financial institutions financially and relieving them in administrative processes.
  • Quality hunter: Continuous analysis of financial products, conditions and performance.
  • Always personal: People are different. In needs, situations and goals. This requires personal inventory. About which specific advice is given.
  • 100% transparent: Open in earnings. Open about solutions. Preceding the transformation of the industry, in which customers (and not insurers) pay for advice.
  • Innovation: the most important key is the application of IT technology. Investing in this improves advice and this keeps it affordable.

S&P achieves this by being helpful, responsible, brave and driven.

For more information, visit the Söderberg & Partners website.

Our services & solutions

Pension Auditing

We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

Pension Consultancy

We make sure you have grip on your pension schemes by presenting it in an understandable way

Pension Management

You can outsource your pension management to us. Or you can use our service as a ‘double check principle’

Pension Communication

You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration