Social commitment

Involved and responsible. For the world around us. Nearby, and far away. Not because it’s a trend, but because it’s within us. It’s part of who we are. From the beginning of Floreijn on. In other parts of the world, we are involved in the sponsorship of children and education of students. In Kenia, we make sure that young adolescents have the proper education. Not only financially, but also personally we take action. We regularly have contact with the students. Help them to get somewhere. Speak truthfully, be good and caring for each other. By supporting financially, we also help people who are being suppressed, regardless of their race, religion, or other aspects.

Floreijn believes it is important that her employees do not only have a heart for our clients, but also for the people around them. Therefore, Floreijn has a plan for volunteer work within workhours. By being personally concerned and rolling up our sleeves, we also invest in our (local) society. Close to where we are.

We believe that poverty is more than just a shortage of money and supplies, but rather a shortage of hope and prospective. With the long-term sponsorships of many children (4 to 18 years old), mainly in Kenia and Uganda, Floreijn invests in the lives of young boys and girls through Compassion. They get the hope and prospective for a better future. In this way, there can actually be seen a change in the situation of many families. Frequently, our employees visit the various projects where these children receive education, nutrition and medical care. Furthermore, Floreijn invests in the lives of young adolescents in the slums of Kenia with an above-average intellect and leadership potential. We do this through providing them the opportunity to receive academic education at a university in Kenia through the Leadership Development Program from Compassion. Of course we have met these young men and women personally, and we know that their lives, and that of their families and friends, have changed in a special way, through the investments that we have been able to make in their lives.

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International Justice Mission Netherlands
IJM protects the poorest people from violence, in nearly 20 communities from over the whole world. They do this by cooperating with local governments. They investigate who is immured without any evidence against them. IJM proves their innocence and represents the victims in court. In that way, they make sure that the victims are released and are being freed of all false accusations. Moreover, IJM helps to arrest criminals. They support the lawsuits against rapists of children and other suspects of sexual abuse. For every freed client, IJM creates an aftermath-plan with the help of shelters. Trauma counselling and finding proper education or work are important aspects of this. Furthermore, IJM gives local training and coaching to police, judges, medical staff and other professionals in order to strengthen the judicial systems.

LIFE Partner the 4th Musketeer
The 4th Musketier is a movement that works on inspiration for every men’s heart and waves of justice globally. Floreijn is a participant of the L.I.F.E. Partner network of the 4th Musketeer. L.I.F.E. stands for the collectively deployment of Labour, Influence, Finances, and Expertise. Participants of the L.I.F.E. Partner network believe in the mission of the 4th Musketeer and help to realize it by giving up a part of their time, influence, finances and expertise for the sake of the movement. The 4th Musketeer organizes various big events like the Muskathlon and steps up in the battle against poverty, people-trafficking, and the persecution of Christians.

Foundation ‘Goeie Hoop’
On the foot of the Hottentots-Holland mountain range in South Africa, is Children and Youth Care Centre'Goeie Hoop. This centre was named after the famous ‘Cape of Good Hope’. It offers an alternative ‘home’ for abandoned, neglected and abused children from 0-18 years old, coming from the surrounding slums. Floreijn support the Van den Berg family financially. This family has left for South-Africa in March 2015, to help take care of mothers and children with a hopeless life. Every child has the right for a warm and loving home.

Volunteer work
Our employees have a heart for our clients, but also for the people around them. That is why we make it possible for our employees to do volunteering work. They have the opportunity multiple days a year to take action in a self-chosen project. Below you can read where our employees are involved.

  • Re5

    One of the employees of Floreijn helps to start up Re5. In our society, everyone who can, takes the responsibility of his or her live and surroundings. Re5 supports people to shape their own future. And the future of people in their neighbourhood. With that, people don’t only add value to their own lives, but also to society as a whole.

    Re5 offers a relaxed venue for people of all ages. To let each other grow and flourish. For the sharing of good and bad times. A place to celebrate life. But also, to support and help each other when life is getting rough. Re5 was started up by volunteers who care for people out of love. In 2020, Re5 is supposed to be reckoned in the Netherlands as one of the multiple venues in every city.

    From a Christian belief, Re5 shows that every human is valuable. Re5 helps people to develop and shine in life. In a passion to connect each other, Re5 stimulates meetings and group meals. Re5 offers every person a place where they can give and take something. It realizes citizen participation and a place where caregivers and caretakers meet each other. Re5 has a heart for people in the neighbourhood and surroundings. Re5 facilitates, coordinates, and organizes socially committed ideas.

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We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

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You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

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