Our team

Convincing. Showing initiative. Expressing ambitions and acting accordingly. And being faithful to oneself. That is what characterizes our team.


Enthusiastic, active and strives for perfection for our clients. Daan Pas loves challenges and getting the absolute best out of himself and out of others. In his spare time, he competes in go-karting, loves to cycle and plays a good round of tennis. In daily life, he puts his time and efforts into Floreijn. Only the very best is enough for his clients. Daan was involved with Floreijn since the establishment, and has been responsible for the Health Care- & Disability Plans department from 2010 on.

Floreijn Cornelis  Cornelis

Drive, expertise, experience and loyalty. This is how Cornelis van den Bosch achieves the best things for his clients. For over 15 years, he is operative in the field of health care contracts, absence and occupational disability. Besides that, he support companies with their (international) health care plans management and risk management regarding social security. Cornelis is a specialist in his field. He acquired his experience at multiple advice offices and an insurance company. Since mid-2012 he is part of the Floreijn team.


Stefan Janssen joined our team of health care and disability since April 2016. Als senior consultant he has accepted Floreijns challenge to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our customers benefit from his 10 years experience in health care and disability. And the application of knowledge and experience in the field of social security. 

Floreijn Astrid  Astrid

Service-oriented, expertise and a heart for her profession. Astrid Diepenhorst is part of the Health Care- & Disability Plans team of Floreijn since July 2013. With 17 years of experience, which she acquired at Nationale-Nederlanden, she makes the administrative hassle of insurance companies crystal clear and simple for our clients. The value of our clients is the primary concern for Astrid. Service orientation and expertise are the driving force in this. Full of commitment, she helps our clients.


A professional with passion for Dutch pensions. He makes Dutch pensions simple for his clients. For almost 30 years, he has been employed in the field of collective Dutch pension plans. He acquired a lot of his experience of pension administration, proposals, actuarial calculation, legal cases and pension consultancy at AEGON. Moreover, he has been responsible for New Business within ING/Nationale-Nederlanden. As a professional, he was there at the very beginning of Floreijn. Philip-Jan Reeb is an expert in the field of Dutch collective pensions. Making pensions easy, and surprising his client is his ultimate goal. Pensions are his passion. And he is only satisfied when the entire process from advice to implementation has been executed in its completeness. He has a strong drive to achieve the very best for his clients.

Floreijn Theo  Theo

An expert in the Dutch collective pension market, flexible and convincing. With also a broad view of international pension. Theo Stam has more than 25 years of experience in collective pensions, and is a real specialist in this area. After 20 years with ING/Nationale-Nederlanden, he decided to enter the close team at Floreijn in mid-2010. Theo has a strong ‘hands-on’ mentality. By working hard and being flexible, he achieves the goals of his clients. His greatest strength is making pensions simple, in a convincing but pleasant way. And communicating it to his clients.

Floreijn Lex  Lex

Flexibility, speed and enthusiasm. Lex Koelewijn joined the Floreijn team in 2014. In the six years before that, he specialized in the field of Dutch pensions. Lex executes administrative mutations and audits in the pension area. Furthermore, he supports the team with proposals, making comparisons and giving advice. In an enthusiastic manner, Lex works hard for our clients.


Teamplayer. Self-starter and results oriented. Als Director Pension Remco Reinders helps to strengthen customer relationships and the continued growth of Floreijn. During his studies Financial Services Management he rolled into the pension world. First employed by a major insurance company, where Remco companies helped to find appropriate pension solutions. The deepening of his pension knowledge he gained from an insurance broker. Here he was commercially responsible for the implementation of pension and occupational pension company. He is now using his expertise to help Floreijn and its customers. He is running as a hobby, but also for our customers.

Ron  Ron

To advise and assist customers. Ron de Groot is a true all-rounder in the Dutch pension market. He is always available for our customers. Ron has nearly 30 years of experience in pensions and is therefore multi-usable. He is really a relationship manager. Since February 2015, he strengthened our team with his "hands dirty" setting. Ron sees problems. He knows how to unravel and structure this fast. And to solve!

Floreijn Werner  Werner

A professional take at things and personal commitment. With his style of work, Werner Bredemeijer guarantees a flourishing collaboration. He has commercially prospered several companies. Translate customer desire to ready-to-use solutions or services. In an enthusiastic way, Werner helps companies to fulfil their expectations. With optimism and a heart to serve, he has surprised many clients with his practical solutions. Since 2014, he is employed at Floreijn as a sales consultant, where he is mainly involved with the value of our customers and adding other companies to the clientele.

Floreijn Irma  Irma

Service-oriented, involved and eager. Since 2010, Irma van Polanen Petel takes care of the financial administration and office management at Floreijn with passion. With accountancy as a basis, she has a colourful past regarding job experience. Mostly in financial administration and beyond. Irma is very service-oriented. And with that, the wishes of our clients always have the greatest priority. She is proud of Floreijn and of the fact that she is part of such a close team. Since she started, she has seen Floreijn flourish and she thinks ‘the end is nowhere near!’.

Floreijn Lonneke  Lonneke

Committed, lively, and involved. In 2014, Lonneke Faber has joined Floreijn for general and technical support. She takes care of all the necessary things to adequately help our clients and the team. She guards the ambiance of the workplaces and the offices. In that way, everyone can do their work properly. Freshly grounded coffee, or a good lunch; visitors and clients feel at home at Floreijn. Lonneke has over 25 years of experience in care. Her service orientation and commitment to take care of our employees and our clients is what she does best. Enthusiasm, input and involvement of her colleagues works inspiring and catchy for her.

Our services & solutions

Pension Auditing

We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

Pension Consultancy

We make sure you have grip on your pension schemes by presenting it in an understandable way

Pension Management

You can outsource your pension management to us. Or you can use our service as a ‘double check principle’

Pension Communication

You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration