We make Dutch pension-, health care-, and disability plans refreshingly simple and carefree for companies.

We identify, analyze and advise companies on employer and employee risks in the areas of pension, healthcare and disability.

We help you powerfully forward with healthy and sustainable employable workers, by making the most of your insurances. Intelligently we connect employer, employees, insurers and other stakeholders together. In this chain we protect your interests, as an employer.

Exceed your expectations. By craftsmanship. Simplicity. Customer meaning. And thus grow itself. Since our start in 2007, we only do one thing: serve our customers in the way, that they like to do business with us. Welcome to Floreijn.

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Our services & solutions

Pension Auditing

We offer a complete recalculation and inspection of the pension agreements

Pension Consultancy

We make sure you have grip on your pension schemes by presenting it in an understandable way

Pension Management

You can outsource your pension management to us. Or you can use our service as a ‘double check principle’

Pension Communication

You fulfill your duty of care and regulatory requirements, with our complete solution.

Health Care - & Disability Plans

We realize purchasing benefits, effectivity of claim processing & reintegration


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Selection of our clients

  • unit4new

    Floreijn knows us well as a client, and brings in expertise in such a way that it is understandable for me. Floreijn gets what I am working on and with what they can support me. The scale of operations and the elevated knowledge, that is what makes Floreijn unique. I am most content about the fact that Floreijn takes away issues and that we have such a strong relation of trust. 

    Wendy Aendekerk, Global Human Resources Director at UNIT4
  • De Heus

    Floreijn always reacts adequately and most of all is proactive. I always get an answer immediately, for phone calls as well for emails. Floreijn succeeds in presenting complex material in an understandable way. Also for internal employees, such as people from the pension commission, Floreijn knows how to transmit important information in a way that people understand what Dutch pension is all about.

    Isolde Eleveld-Terwel MSc, Global Director Human Resources at Royal De Heus Group
  • Sappi

    Floreijn is experienced, lives up to agreements and are a pleasure to work with. And along with this, Floreijn also has the flair to be accepted in every level of the organisation. The succession, reaction time and the living up to agreements at Floreijn is unequalled.

    Sandra Helledoorn, HR Manager Services at Sappi Netherlands B.V.
  • GWK Travelex

    A lot of people think that Dutch pension is boring, but Floreijn knows how to make it interesting and grasping, and thus refreshing. Floreijn does not just throw in advices, but really helps me with clear and good advices and think along about developments in the future.

    Alexander Kuiper, Head of Finance at GWK Travelex
  • Radio538-1

    When we decided to change the former individual pension policies to one collective, we knew that we were heading towards a very complicated and drastic change. The adequate and understandably mapping of all (possible) consequences was a major challenge, in which Floreijn has proven to be a very professional partner.

    Remko van de Vlag, Financial Director at Talpa Radio/ Radio 538
  • TNS

    I notice that Floreijn really wants to look after my interest as a client. Floreijn tries to get rid of all excess information and get to the core. She brings in knowledge and is very client-oriented, which works pleasantly for me.

    Liane Terleth, HR Director at TNS NIPO
  • Danone-logo

    Floreijn has assisted us perfectly with wrestling through the legal documents. Pension is not that easy to understand, but Floreijn has helped me by explaining it in easy talk. The terms of employment, as well as the costs have been negotiated well, and so our participants can count on a fine pension again.

    Erik Stokhof, Manager Pension Office at Danone – Nutricia
  • CMI

    What makes Floreijn special, is that they present complicated material as an understandable whole without getting into all kinds of complex details. At performing Floreijn is amazing. They support our HR people in our office.

    Peter Rademaker, CFO at CMI Holding
  • TMH

    A couple of years ago, we were in a complex and difficult situation, where we carried out an integration of two companies of respectively 230 and 120 employees. Next to all the usual business as organisation, marketing, IS/IT, etc., a harmonisation of the terms of employment was necessary, within which a choice of pension insurance company and a collective value transmission. Floreijn has done a great job in supporting us while going through this complicated transition.

    Pank Hertsenberg, CEO at Toyota Material Handling Netherlands
  • ESA-VanDrie Group

    Floreijn has expertised staff, that think along with us in a professional manner. I approve Floreijn to other relations, because I care for them.

    Godfried Biemans, P&O Manager at ESA
  • Eternit

    I am a more than satisfied client. The contact with Floreijn is pleasant and very professional. Floreijn is different from others because of their short reaction time. Furthermore, Floreijn has given thought of how to explain material that is not your everyday stuff. I have never been able to spot Floreijn making a mistake.

    Peter Davids, Manager Shared Service Center HR at Eternit
  • Loodswezen

    If I have any questions, I can always call Floreijn. I get the answers in a short amount of time. Next to this, Floreijn is easily approachable and keep me update on developments and possible consequences for our company. It is pleasant if someone can explain complex things like regulations revolving around the terms of employment.

    Nancy van der Drift, Manager Human Resources at Nederlands Loodswezen B.V.
  • Peka Kroef

    The contact with the consultants of Floreijn is pleasurable and result-oriented. Floreijn does not make their field of expertise harder than necessary. I get quick feedbacks of what has been agreed upon and what steps to take next. Floreijn has accomplished what was promised. Floreijn thus 100% lives up to the agreements that are made.

    Henry Ermers, CFO at Peka Kroef B.V.
  • Essilor

    People often have a very corny idea of pensions. Floreijn can explain pension in easy talk and make good comparisons, which makes it clear what is going on for people that do not have the knowledge. Things that we arrange are handed back quickly on paper. Floreijn is very accessible. Even if I ask them to call me back, they respond fast.

    Josée Koreman, Country Director Business Support Benelux at Essilor Benelux
  • Everris

    Floreijn is very down-to-earth. That makes for a comfortable way of working together. Where needed, Floreijn is extremely helpful. They are unique because of their staff and the way of handling business.

    Wolter van Rest, CFO/Vice President at Everris
  • UTi

    We were looking for a new pension insurance company and have been assisted very professionally with this by Floreijn in the entire process of propositions, selection and implementation. We still come back to Floreijn for businesses that intersect with pension insurances. Their service is characterized by a very high level of knowledge that is transferred into understandable language.

    Dennis van Aalst, Senior Vice President Freight Forwarding EMENA at UTi Worldwide Inc.
  • Flanderijn

    I have learned and heard more about pension the last year than I have in all the years with my former advisor. Floreijn makes a clear translation to understandable pension language for me, without being derogatory. The direct contact with the client through good attainability and fast response time, that is what makes Floreijn unique and make me feel that I am important as a client.

    Marielle Guit, Head P&O at Flanderijn
  • CCV

    Floreijn has helped us a great deal in all current cases with our pension insurance company. Because of the expanded dossier knowledge but most of all the persistence and drive of Floreijn, CCV Holland has obtained a big financial advantage through new agreements that have been made with the pension insurance company.

    Corstiaan van Aalst at CCV Holland B.V.
  • Everris

    We have arranged the collective pension plan for our employees at our pension insurance company. Because the execution of our pension plan was not without any errors, multiple discussions with the board of that pension insurance company have led to an internal quality check. This check-up resulted in a number of corrections that were conducted by the insurance company. When we got into contact with Floreijn, we asked them to do a check-up.

    Wolter van Rest, CFO at Everris International
  • Crown Fine Art

    Floreijn has helped us to retrieve a pension plan that is cheaper for us and more favourable for our employees.

    Lisette Heikens, HR Consultant at Crown Fine Art
  • De Heus

    Pension is one of the most important and expensive term of employment for our employees. Therefore, it is of high value that we have a pension contract that is stainless and crystal clear. We have always been advised by a renowned advice bureau and our pension contract runs with a big insurance company. We thus had the assumption that our contract was ‘under control’. This was before we got the opportunity to have a Pension Auditing by Floreijn.

    Max van der Kwaak, CFO at Koninklijke de Heus